Instantly Elevate Any Salad

2:18:00 PM

Salads have been on heavy rotation around here this summer. I always have greens on hand and I'll typically toss in whatever fresh veggies I have around. 

Lately, I've been switching it up by chopping up fresh herbs and adding them in with the greens. Any non-woody herb works (chives, tarragon, parsley, and so on). Since I always keep cilantro and basil in my kitchen, I pluck several leaves from each bunch, give them a quick chop, and throw them in. Sweet basil mixed with punchy cilantro adds a delicious brightness to every bite. 

This trick will liven up any salad, whether it's big veggie packed bowl or your go-to spinach + olive oil + lemon juice situation. And it's so darn easy.

PS How to chop any herb.

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