To infinity and beyond.

4:00:00 PM


It's been a while, guys. That's my fault. I've been.... distracted? That's not an excuse.

Anyway, let's play catch up here for a moment. Because I gotta tell you, a few things have happened since I took a break from this here format.

1. I discovered Tidal. Tidal isn't news anymore, but in case you haven't gotten on board... do it. Then we can talk about our fave playlists and of course, Lemonade.

2. I got married! We got married! It was such an awesome weekend and by far the best party we've thrown. I'm working on a wedding deets post this week and I can't wait to share it with you.

3. We moved to Lewiston! YAAAASSS. Finally, we are settled in our new house, new hometown, new state. For those of you who have been aware of our gypsy lifestyle for the past couple years, you know that this is a big deal. Big fat deal.

4. I'm trying to learn how to bake bread. Not just any bread, but really good bread. I gave that a shot for the first time ever yesterday. It went pretty well for a first try, but I definitely need to hone in on my technique and perhaps my flour. More on this in a future dedicated-to-bread post.

5. There was a whole lot of really scary stuff going on there in the world for a while. And I know bad things happen somewhere every day, but let's try to remember to hold each other extra tight and enjoy this life. After all, there's a lot to love.

Here's to the future.