Wedding Prep: Hair

7:30:00 AM

The funniest thing happened the other day. I went into the hair salon for the third installment of my (now) routine hair care check-ups.

Does this count as adulting? I think yes.

Turns out, my wonderful stylist had a shadow with her that day, visiting the salon in hopes of absorbing some blonde hair master techniques. And I was one of the day's demonstration subjects - yay science!

As I sat in the chair discussing my thoughts and dreams with my wonderful stylist, she began to fill her shadow in on my history. Bless her sweet blonde heart because she was so kind in explaining my "before" hair as warm (= brassy), lacking dimension (at-home dye job), ombre (with crazy dark roots), and damaged (and lots of breakage and split ends). I laughed at the comedy of her gentle wording.

Wow, says the shadow. You guys have come so far.

Yes, dear Shadow. Yes, we have.

For reference:

Progress, my friends. Progress.

And now, some tips I've gleaned from this experience, that will set you up with healthier, happier hair.

1. Nourish from within: Eating foods and/or taking supplements high in vitamins A-E with magnesium, calcium and biotin helps hair grow strong and stay healthy. I take this and this every morning, and have noticed that my hair is longer & shinier and my nails are now rock hard.*

2. Hair mask: Using a mask every week or two will help restore moisture and condition color treated hair. I use this one. A little goes a long way.

3. Cut down on heat styling: Try to stick to using hot tools on hair once, maybe twice a week so that length doesn't fry right off. When using heat tools, be sure to apply a heat protectant to protect hair from high temperatures.  I use this and this.

4. Seek inspiration: This is the fun part. If you're going for a style change, prepping for an event, or just trying to jazz up your repertoire, look around for pictures of that embody what you're looking for. Right now, I'm looking for wedding day looks and am feeling inspired by this, this, this, and this.

And if you're like me, coming from a place of oh-no with a certain goal or timeline in mind, start early! That way you have room for error and time to slowly go from where you were to where you want to be.

*Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, so please double check with yours before you try a new supplement. :-)


  1. Your hair looks so good! Where did you get it done?
    Have you heard of using a purple shampoo to help keep the blond from turning brassy? I use it once a week.

    I use this one

  2. Great stuff! Good ideas, and it never hurts to add a calcium supplement.

  3. Yeah your hair looks very beautiful. I liked seeing these photos. I am going to get married soon and will be hiring makeup and hairstylist soon. We booked one of local wedding venues NYC and want to look at my best on our big day.