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Well hello! I've taken a break from the blog for a couple weeks. There's been a lot of other stuff going on recently and I guess this project took a temporary spot on the back burner. Things have been good, but I've missed writing and sharing here. So I'm back in full force.

First things first, let's catch up on a couple things.

1. Moving. We moved. We moved! We've moved three times now in the last 12 months and it's been nuts/good/an exercise in letting go of things. Because when you move this much, you realize that the value of a thing is directly related to it's size, weight, and usefulness.

We live in Tri-Cities now. About Tri-Cities? Well, it's in Washington. And it's located at the confluence of the Yakima, Snake, and Columbia rivers. Thank goodness spring is supposed to be on its way so we can hurry up and enjoy that river life. Another cool thing? Living walking distance from the movie theater, a great sandwich shop, and a local coffee company. So far, this place is swell.

2. Traveling. The last few weeks brought us a few more travel opportunities. Palm Springs for the weekend. Lewiston, a couple times. Harrison, ID for New Years. A visit to my parents in Los Angeles. A couple weeks in Montana for meetings and skiing. A couple nights in Walla Walla. Lots of good things.

3. Wedding. The date is approaching fast! Lots cool things to share, so stay tuned.

Here's lately.

{The snowy hills of Lewiston, ID}

{Palm Springs, CA}

{Palm Springs, CA}

{Palm Springs, CA}

{Goodbye Spokane Valley}

{Hello Harrison, ID}

{Harrison, ID}

{Lake Coeur d'Alene, ID}

{Kennewick, WA}

{Malibu, CA}

{Malibu, CA}

{Malibu, CA}

{Malibu, CA}

{Downtown Los Angeles}

{Staples Center. Go Kings!}

{I see your banner, Taylor Swift}

{New apartment, new pantry}

{Early living room set up, Kennewick, WA}
{Big Sky, MT}

{Ready for take off on our dog sled. Big Sky, MT}

{Big Sky, MT}

{Lift line selfie, Whitefish, MT}

{They call these snow ghosts. Whitefish, MT}

{Whitefish, MT}

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