Happy Weekend

1:33:00 PM

Happy weekend, folks.  What are you up to? We are off to Seattle this evening for various reasons, including shopping for bridesmaids dresses (and groomsmen suits) and the Super Bowl. I'm beyond excited to see friends we haven't seen in a while!!

Have a good one.

Ikea hacks using gold spray paint

Love this beautiful blanket.

Um. Yum and yum.

On wedding registries: one, two.

Are these cool or would they drive you insane?

It's now illegal for supermarkets to waste food in France.

A creative use for forgotten furniture.

My new favorite thing: yacht disco.

Important for hosting. Slash living in general.

Which reminds me of this hilarious idea.

Cool girl necklace.

One guy's crazy trip around the world, first class on Emirates, for $300. Nuts.

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