Wedding Inspiration: Color Palette

10:47:00 AM

I'm not always the best at the conversations surrounding wedding planning.

It's not that I don't want to talk about it or share my ideas. I actually love talking about ideas. I love hearing other people's ideas about my ideas. I'm thinking this issue is that I need illustrative tools to communicate ideas, and without those tools I think I can be a little scary.

For example.

Person: How is wedding planning going?
Me: Good!
Person: What are you working on?
Me: I've been working on nailing down our colors.
Person: Oh cool, what are your colors??
Me: I'm thinking white, gold, this very specific type of pink, this other super specific and awkwardly described shade of pink, six varieties greens. Maybe black, champagne, rose gold, rosé....
Person: OK psycho.

I be honest, I've pretty much had a color vision in mind since the moments after Ian proposed. But as with many creative ideas, the transition phase from color vision to tangible color tool is tricky.

Furthermore, describing the color vision without a visual aid is even more difficult, and does little more than confuse the situation. After until Pantone goes ahead and names it color of the year, "dusty pink champagne" will almost certainly mean x to you and y to me.

Anyway, it's been a lot of fun sourcing pictures that visually nail this beast down! And by golly, I think I made myself a pretty good tool here. :-)

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