The Best Soundtrack that Doesn't Exist

12:50:00 PM

Ian and I started watching Fargo Season 2 last night before we lost power in #tropicalstormspokane. #tropicalstormspokane is not what it's really called, but that's what I'm calling it. What would you call hurricane-speed winds and rain ripping through this area? Anyway, #tropicalstormspokane downed trees, left lots without power, and wreaked a whole lot of havoc in our otherwise peaceful corner of this world.

True to form, Ian + Liz + novel situation = excitement. This, of course, led us to take some headlamp selfies, one of which I was able to quickly fire off to instagram before the data signal was lost. Call it skills or call it devotion, you'd be right either way.

But seriously, when is the last time the power went out for more than like 5 minutes? After a few minutes of prancing around the dark house with our headlamps and deciding we wanted to eat something other than canned tuna and granola bars for dinner, we ventured out to see what was open. In this family, we refer to the activity of needlessly leaving the house to do something as "checking-it-out."

Our top 3 choices for treating ourselves to an unnecessary dinner out as an unnecessary reward for surviving the storm that was still raging: Buffalo Wild Wings, the pho place, and the sushi place. All three: pitch black, totally closed. Obviously.

Time for a cheeseburger and a 50 minute wait at Five Guys where some of the less patient folks stormed angrily away towards the Taco Bell across the street with a line no shorter than 25 cars deep, which was funny to watch. We enjoyed our cheeseburgers.

You do what you can in these situations.

After checking-it-out and returning to our clearly-still-out-of-power apartment, we whipped out the card games and played a rousing round of Dominion, before deciding it was time to get in bed and try by any means necessary to stream The Office on Netflix as our bedtime lullaby.

We were able to stream one and a half episodes on Ian's 19% full of battery windows phone. We chose to conserve my 34% full iphone in case instagram needed me. Oh, and to set an alarm, I guess. #priorities

Anyway, our success story is a tangential introduction that leads me to my current thought, and the point of this post, which is that I can't wait to tune back in to Fargo Season 2 when the power starts working again. Not only was I enjoying the story line, calling out the actors (Where have you been, Kieran Culkin??), and trying to figure out if Matt Damon actually gained all that weight or if it was a fat suit, BUT also the soundtrack is amazing. I know I'm only through and episode and a half, but sometimes you can just tell.

And guess what, it's officially the best soundtrack that doesn't exist. And that's according to the 10-time-pullitzer-prize-winning Tampa Bay Times. Who knew? Go Tampa.

But in all seriousness, I am thankful for the person who put this list together, of the soundtrack that doesn't exist, with links for all the songs except (of course) my favorite by Noah Hawley. But I keep hoping that one will pop up on this Southern Gothic playlist I keep listening to.

Again, check out the sountrack that doesn't exist: HERE. And watch Fargo Season 2 so we can talk about it.


  1. Yes! John and I are watching (and loving) Fargo Season 2 as well. And I'm happy to see the return of Kirsten Dunst!

  2. Ha love this post!!! :) Sounds like a fun, spontaneous night!