Playlist for November: Work it Out

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Last month, I spent some time working on my playlist curation skills.

A brief history: my playlist production peaked during high school when making mix CDs was the most important thing after having a drivers license. I got pretty good at this because I practiced a lot. My proudest mix, in fact, was the one I made for the drive to Eagle Rock (really, really far away from my parents' house) to take the SAT one Saturday morning. The mix was titled: Pumped UP Transitioning into Chilled OUT SAT Perfection Mix. And then I got a perfect score on the SATs.


No. But I did get a good score, and I did do well enough to get into the school of my dreams :-)

Sadly, I didn't really keep up with the mix-making habit after the CD era came to an end... which, *and my close friends will be able to attest to this* was foolish because my car has a CD player only. No AUX, no tape deck, no satellite radio. Blame it on laziness, on Pandora, or Mercury in retrograde...?

So why am I just now getting back into this whole playlist making thing?


Since I've forced myself to get into running over the last couple months, I've learned this important fact about myself: I like running. <-- This is huge news. And there is a caveat here: I require seriously beat-heavy music to be blasting in my ears as my feet pound the pavement. So I thought I'd share what's working for me. At the moment. I hope it works for you too. *Or if it doesn't, that it inspires you to find something that does. 

* I feel that I must warn of the gratuitous amounts of Kanye West and a few bad words. 😁

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