On the Road: Pateros

7:30:00 AM

A few weeks back we took a trip to Pateros, which was partially for business (Ian) and partially for fun (me). I'm sure you remember those famous photos of me, the champion fisherwoman and my champion fish.

This area was ravaged by fires this summer which, thankfully, are now all contained. When we visited, it was the height of the apple harvest so there was apple-transport-action happening around the clock. How we got to take a photo break by this enormous stack of crates is, well, a mystery I can only answer by supposing that these must not be apple crates. But I'm not sure I'm right in supposing that.

There's a lot of rail that goes through these parts, and I tell ya, some of those trains are long. I like taking pictures of them as they go by. And sometimes while they are parked.

Some of us have a lower threshold for "enough pictures" than others of us.

Later on, while Ian worked the road meeting customers, I worked the balcony of our hotel and a sandwich from this adorable bakery. Love my job.

See ya later, train.

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