Happy Weekend

1:56:00 PM

Happy weekend, folks. The air here in the Valley is crisp and cold. I keep checking out the window for snow. There's no snow in the forecast. But you know, just in case...

What are you up to this weekend? We are off to Boston and then Seattle for a few days. Talk about zigging and zagging! On the plane, I plan to finish this and start this. Can't wait to catch up after. xx

Loving the look of this simple hair-do.

Tips for taking better travel photos.

A Century of Chairs.

One line animals.

Have you heard about "Camp" the Chicago pigeon/art muse?

Um, excuse me while I download Noodler: The Noodle Soup App Oracle.

Alternatives to traditional kitchen cabinets.

Fashion editors' guide to everything you need to get your sweat on.

Recipe: green tea latte.


Dumpling recipes for a dumpling party!

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