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I am by no means a health and fitness guru, but I do try to be smart about the resources I use to maximize the results of my gym time. These are the apps that I use to keep my workouts efficient and track progress towards my fitness goals. I'd love to know, what apps have you found success with?

Cassie is so high energy that I feel like I have succeeded if I can be half as into it as she is. I love the usability of her app. You can subscribe to a calendar-format plan with preselected daily workouts and stretching, or select a work out by category or target area. Her videos are quick and seldom require equipment which makes them easy to do at home or at the gym. My favorite videos are her POP pilates song challenges.

I have the most basic Fitbit device, the Fitbit flex. I will admit, when I first got my Fitbit I referred to it as my prison bracelet. My attitude has since improved, and now I love that I can easily track everything from active minutes & miles per day to calorie intake & water consumption. Plus I can add other friends with Fitbit and do challenges to see who is the most active in a given period of time. If that isn't motivation to get up and move, I don't know what is.

I just started using this app, but I already love it because it's like a personal trainer in my pocket. Select a program based on specific goals: get toned, get lean, or get strong, and customize drills and workouts therein. The 30-minute workouts include warm up and cool down time, so I don't have to come up with something extra. 

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