Operation Pantry Re-Org.

7:30:00 AM

I have a confession. My drawer and cabinet keeping skills are sub par. In fact, usually anywhere I can hide a mess I do hide a mess. But the pantry. I mean come on. If that thing is messy, I don't care how well stocked it is, I am keeping that door closed. Which has been the sad truth of my life.


I went to the grocery store. After spending much of the month of August away, our refrigerator & pantry situations were pitiful. For example, the fridge contained: taco sauce, hummus, and the soda stream bottle. So, since we'll be around for most of September, this month is a welcome opportunity for us to spend time in the kitchen, cooking & eating at home. Yay!

Fast forward. Me getting home from the store. (Try to contain yourself.) Hauling up my 837 reusable bags of goods. In.one.trip. (Never go to the store hungry...) Opening the door. (Don't let the cat escape!) Unloading 837 grocery bags from my body. Trying to put things away in the pantry, excited about this weeks meal-time promise, and OH NO. THE PANTRY IS NOT EVEN USEABLE.

BECAUSE IT LOOKS LIKE THIS. WTF. This is my own fault.

So I decided to fix it. Here's what I did.

// STEP ONE //
Remove everything. Sweep, wipe down, spot clean as necessary.

// STEP TWO // 
Aquire the appropriate binning. I found these awesome baskets at World Market (on sale!) I removed the canvas liner because it felt too cutesy for me. Also I wanted to easily see all the contents of each basket, so. K thanks bye canvas.

Group things by category, and begin to reintroduce them to the space. Move things around as you go to find a structure that suits your needs.

Baskets: to corral things that are irregularly shaped or small.

Multi-section file organizer: makes a great container for small bottles of sauces, seasonings or oils. The file organizer allows you to put tall bottles behind short bottles and still see everything. It also keeps the narrow bottles from falling over on the wiry surface of the shelves.

1. Place dry goods above liquids. That way, if a liquid springs a leak it doesn't contaminate your dry goods.

2. Store heavy appliances at the bottom so if they fall they don't fall far.

3. Bring all goods to the front of the shelf where you can see them. Only use the back of the shelf to store overstock.

Here's a little side by side. So much better. 

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  1. So true, Liz! We have a narrow little pantry in McCall; Rob had Bill Larson make pull-out shelves for it, and Rob installed them. Now we can pull out the shelves and use the whole space! Much better! Loved this post.