Happy Weekend

1:07:00 PM

What are you guys up to this weekend? We just got back from Atlanta and are heading out to Lake Chelan this weekend to go bass fishing! In light of that, here's a little joke so you can make your friends laugh this weekend.

How do fish get from place to place while playing golf?
A golf carp.

Hah, have a good one.

Iconic sidekicks: Your source for Halloween costume inspiration?

Wow, this vegan seaweed wrap looks amazing.

Speaking of seaweed...

Lovin this elegant fall wreath DIY.

Tips for better, easier pasta.

Can you determine which pumpkin spice products are real or fake?

More stone & mineral home accessories. P.S. remember these?

Have you read any of these 5 big fall books? I just started Purity.

Absolutely floored by these stunning photo collages.

One day in the centuries-old Leather School in Florence... swoon.

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