Happy Weekend

12:00:00 PM

Happy long weekend! What are you up to this Labor Day?

We are headed up to the lake one last time to soak up the last little bits of summer. The fires in the Pacific Northwest have left our skies super smoky throughout August, but recent rains have cleared things up. Thank goodness! Hoping to squeeze a hike or two in now that the air quality has improved. Other than that, looking forward to lots of reading time on the dock. Any good book recommendations? I just finished this one (loved it). Oh, and I just learned that Reese Witherspoon will produce the movie, due next year!

Have a good one.

Indoor plants that improve air quality.

Um, hi, spiked cotton candy.

How to propagate succulents. This is totally on my to-do list for my poor, leggy panda plant.

Socality Barbie; the ultimate PNW hipster.

Baked potatoes stuffed with anchovy and sage... and bacon.

Glorious copper in the kitchen.

All about the neon cord wrap.

And one more. Taylor Swift: a Socratic Dialogue.