7:30:00 AM

I'm liking this new series. It's turning out to be a mini travel diary and (sort of) keeping me accountable in the picture-taking department. Which let's say is an opportunity for me.

Did I mention that August is crazy? Just checking. But in case I was unclear, I want to emphasize that it's a good type of crazy. The type where you stay up way too late on a Wednesday, drive all around the state like you own the place, and decide that you're into rap again. 

{Trying to contain my excitement about this tractor on Main St. // Walla Walla, WA}

{Ace the horse & the bachelorettes // Walla Walla, WA}

{Enormous sunflowers by the train tracks // Walla Walla, WA}

{Celebrating this!! // Spokane, WA}

{Exploring // Kennewick, WA}

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