2:23:00 PM

Hi hi. How are things? Good? Good. I've been busy.

Ian and I spent last week on the move. Let's see, I did about 24 hours in Vancouver, 36 hours in Seattle and the rest of the week in Sun Valley, ID. Now I'm home for a few days to catch up and catch my breath.

And I think busy is going to be a theme here this month. I'm telling you, I have like 5 free days in August (!) where I don't have some major events on the calendar. So why not add a little keeping-up series here so I can quickly share some of the goings on... lately. 

{sparkling rosé & lipstick at The Flying Pig in Vancouver}
{inspirational art, also at The Flying Pig}
{I'll never tire of this view}
{perfect clouds at Sun Valley Club House}
{taking a break from working on my short game}
{gypsy bicycle inspiration}

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