Happy Weekend

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I'm back today with your weekly Happy Weekend list.

I have an extra long list this week since last week's edition was overshadowed by a beautiful family wedding!! Lucky me, I had the privileges of being a bridesmaid and of co-chairing the floral committee. It was a perfect weekend. :-)

Soooo this weekend, to continue the theme of "weddings: they're happening," I'm off to Seattle to go wedding dress shopping... for myself! Is that not the weirdest thing? Actually, I can think of weirder things. But this is for real. My mom is flying up and everything! I've been looking forward to my appointment at The Dress Theory all summer, and I can't wait to share this experience with some of the special ladies in my life.

Which decor type are you?

One-star Yelp reviews of National Parks.

Loving this cactus print.

Want this.

Good reminder.

The best ramen in Los Angeles. And Seattle.

Handy and pretty: laundry symbols and stain removal print.

Socca tacos... NOM.

Also eggs benedict salad.

A sad, beautiful art series on breakups.

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