Fall Wishlist

7:30:00 AM

Guuuuys. Summer's over. Ok not really fully over, but it's basically over. September is in a matter of, like, zero days. And even though the equinox is at the end of the month, that basically translates to right now. 

The way I see it, and actually this is a philosophy I try to adopt in all slightly-but-not-devastatingly-sad situations, you can either cry about it or roll with the punches and kick some major booty. This is a choice. Well, that seems really obvious now that I type it out. The philosophy seemed way more triumphant when I applied it to my tragic fantasy football situation.  (Yes, that little ACL tear happened about 20 minutes after Jordy Nelson was added to my team. Poor me. Also, more importantly, poor Jordy.)

So, anyway we can fret about summer coming to an end, or we can emerge from summer triumphant; mayhaps a little tanner? more toned? wiser? And certainly, we can take comfort in cooler days, which warrant warmer beverages and cool-girl jacketry. Yes, jacketry. Jacketry is a word here on the starship. 

You can be certain that I have already trolled the entire internet in search of the best of everyday fall. Because who doesn't love a little wardrobe sprucing with the turn of the season. Out with the old, in with the new I say. 

Brought to you by the color black. 

jeans // necklace // shirt // mules

sweater // scarf // loafers // skirt 

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