Dream Wardrobe: Activewear

7:30:00 AM

Let's talk about Khloe Kardashian's fitness closet for a second. I'll wait while you click on that link and explore those pictures. 

... welcome back.

I mean, holy $#*%, right?? Have you ever seen such an impressive activewear collection and beautifully organized array of fitness accessories? I feel inspired to jazz up my own workout wardrobe and I just have to share. Here are some pieces that caught my eye.

//TANK//                            //CROP LEGGING//                         //SPORTS BRA//

//TEE//                                //SPORTS BRA//                           //LEGGING//

//TANK//                                     //SHOE//                                  //SWEATS//

//SHOE//                             //SPORTS BRA//                            //LEGGING//

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