My Secret Skincare Weapon

1:05:00 PM

By now we all know the importance of moisturizing our skin. But moisturizing is only half the battle. The other half is sloughing off the top layer of dead, dried out skin cells. And you guys, my loofah just was not doing the job. In order to step up my exfoliation game, I bought these exfoliating gloves.

Sure, I feel like Mickey Mouse when I put them on in the shower, but they are so effective and easy to use that I have decided to embrace the look. I use them about 4 times a week with my drugstore body wash to scrub up a good lather. The gloves are invigorating and I can control the level of exfoliation I want by using more or less pressure.

It took about a week for my skin to be completely transformed; it has never been so perfectly smooth all over, including my typical dry spots. Elbows, I'm looking at you.

P.S. I finish my routine by moisturizing with this lotion as soon as I towel off. I love how lightweight and softly scented it is.


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  2. Great idea! Where do you get them? (Just updated my profile and wanted to check. Sorry for the removed comment... )