Happy Weekend

4:51:00 PM

Hello, world. Hope you're well. Today I am writing from beautiful Lewiston, Idaho (otherwise known as my future home town). We are visiting so that we can attend Ian's company picnic this evening. I am looking forward to meeting new people and enjoying this perfect weather!

Also! I have officially surpassed the 5,000-views-benchmark (#officialterminology) and received some really nice feedback from you guys this week so I'm feeling pretty nifty about this little blog here. Thanks for that :-)

And without further ado, here is your carry-me-through-the-weekend entertainment fun pack.

Wedding attire decoded.

Real talk: coffee date anxiety.

Wait, how cool is Marfa, TX?

Summery hostess gift idea.

Love these skyline shades for Seahawks games. Also available in PDX carpet print.

So I had no clue that Haylie Duff has a cooking show but omg this tartine. So now we all know.

Cool decor idea slash clever way to display a collection.

These are smart.

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  1. The skyline shades had one for Los Angeles, too! Yay! Very clever!