Moving Phase I: Getting out of Seattle

5:40:00 PM

Well, well well. The first phase of our move to Idaho is (pretty much) complete.

The Phinney house is all packed up. I have spent the last two days combing through all our belongings and sorting everything into four categories: discard, donate, send to Idaho, or pack for Deer Valley/Europe. I think this was my most efficient pack session to date. Funny thing: all the boxes that Ian packed or that contained Ian's items wound up being labeled as "technology." So fitting.

Reflecting now, and I'll keep this brief... Seattle has been good to us the past four years and I hope to come back often. We've surrounded ourselves with old friends and made some new ones. We've had good jobs and better jobs. We played outside and finally won a kickball championship. We played inside and became proficient in several cool games (seriously, best game ever. so far.).

Ah, summer.
Knowing it would be our last, we've taken full advantage of what the past year in the Phinney house had to offer. Ian and I were discussing it last night: how much we enjoyed our view and used our balcony in all the seasons including warm, cold, wet and dry; how we cultivated an herb garden and a few tomatoes; how we frequently managed to cram upwards of 10 people in the living room; how we actually managed to not destroy the carpet; how not having double sinks was way more tolerable than expected; and how not having a dishwasher was the worst.

Today, the moving company guys came over and essentially gift wrapped all our "to Idaho" items with giant sheets of kraft paper and put them in their truck. It was actually pretty impressive. The main guy is like the Jackie Chan of wrapping furniture/art/unusually shaped items. I thought I was clever/good at wrapping oddly shaped things due to my keen geometric sensibility and a couple years at Anthro, but I have nothing on this guy.

Now all our stuff is on its way to Lewiston.

I am supremely excited to tie up the rest of the loose ends here at the Phinney house and begin our extended vacation time, which sort of starts tonight with a little airbnb in Ballard. You know, because we have no furniture. This little rental's job is to guide us softly to the end of the month. But really, I am excited about it because A. the house is cute and B. it has a hot tub. Yesssssssssss. My aching back is dying for a soak.

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  1. Did I miss the invite for the garage sale? I would have loved to come and take stuff off your hands😜 Hopefully we will get to see you before you leave on your adventure? If not have a awesome time, be safe! Hugs, Sylvia ( & Jos)