How Often Do You Replace Your Hairbrush?

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I had a realization the other day while I was getting ready to take some heat tools to my hair. I looked at my hairbrush for what must have been the first time in years and noticed that it was disgusting. I'm telling you, the bristles were jam packed with some sort of icky debris. In a moment of sheer terror, I chucked it forcefully into the garbage, thus forcing myself to straighten my hair with the only comparable tool in my house: a travel sized micro brush that has approximately 18 plastic bristles. It took an hour, but I'm thinking of it as a character building exercise.

Since the incident, I have replaced the gross brush with this round, multifunctional brush and learned about brush replacement standards.

The general consensus seems to be that replacing your hairbrush once a year should do the trick. Curiously, hairbrush companies suggest replacing your brush every 6 months... I also learned that the main reason for replacing your brush isn't necessarily to avoid having a disgusting brush, although a cleaner brush would certainly be a natural consequence of timely replacement. The real reason to replace your brush each year is to avoid damaging your precious locks. Old worn down brush bristles will break strands or even tear them out at the follicle. With all the damage one can do to hair via dyes, weather exposure, and heat tools, you might as well take charge and eliminate the damage done by a nasty old brush.

While you're at it, I found a good visual guideline (thank you pinterest) to help you pick the best brush for your hair. I found this chart to be an immensely helpful tool.

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