Hey Girl, Where'd You Get Those Sneaks?

8:00:00 AM

In my world sneakers have always been reserved for running, sporting, or power walking. Oh, and perhaps, occasionally, maayybe for running errands. But it seems like all the cool girls these days are wearing sneakers with their fabulous outfits, like even with skirts and stuff... and I kinda love it.

I've always been the type to go for a white pair of classic chucks. Except the time in Austria that I needed those leopard print high tops. 

With another European excursion on the horizon this March, I'm doing it. I'm going for the sneakers with a regular outfit thing. Thank you Europe for letting me blame this all on you.

I have compiled a few more inspirational images, and of course my personal faves. 

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Inspiration images: 1 / 2 3 4 5

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  1. All in all, they're easier on your feet than those gorgeous sexy high heels, even though I love how the high heels look. Oh well, I'm more into comfort these days, so it's more often flat-anything - than anything else!