Last Minute Gifts for Her (Under $50!)

3:53:00 PM

1.) This Giant Leather Tassel, will help her easily locate the keys in her giant bag. 
2.) Gold Inlay Dice Box to corral her lucky charms and precious jewels.
3.) Paris Skyline Clock. Because Paris is always a good idea.
4.) Small but mighty, this one by Tatine is The Best Candle. 
5.) Golden Feather Tray, again, for corralling.
6.) Gold Leather Notebook for jotting down ideas.
7.) Nesting Heart Bowls add a sweet touch to nuts & other snacks.
8.) Dinner Diaries: handwritten notes about dinner parties, by the most renowned of hostesses. 


  1. Love these! That tassel is great! I can see it attached to a purse strap or a belt or something! Good find!