All Ears

12:05:00 PM

I can't get enough of this look: the perfect storm of tiny accessories. It's like you're simultaneously demonstrating your edgy, bad-girl side and your dainty, elegant side. Statement being, look at all these piercings...which I have expertly adorned with the finest of jewels.  

Here are my choices for the sparkling statement ear. 

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  1. I looked up the "tiny gold spikes." Really interesting site - that offers little pieces she calls "ear climbers" or "ear crawlers." A photo of the earrings by themselves (not worn) is intriguing! It's an ear wire that's like a hook, you'd figure was a dangle, with a bead or something hanging down off one end. You'd thread it through the hole in your earlobe and its points would hang down. But it looks as though the ear wire on the back of these also climbs UP the back of the ear. Out of view behind the ear. Most interesting design concept!