French Pharmacy Beauty

12:23:00 PM

This morning I stumbled upon this completely charming video of Jeanne Damas sharing her favorite pharmacy beauty products and her trick for applying lipstick. I love her philosophy on beauty and her adorable, fluffy cat.

And! These are my own top 3 French pharmacy products. I like to mix the Embryolisse creme with foundation or tinted moisturizer for sheer, dewy coverage. 

1. Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate

2. Klorane Dry Shampoo

3. La Roche-Posay Ultra Light Sunscreen

What are your favorite pharmacy buys? (French, or otherwise)

velvet touches

11:03:00 AM

I've been noticing a new trend for fall: velvet! I don't think I've personally worn velvet since the 90s, probably at the school Christmas pageant. 

But this season's velvet seems cooler than it was back then. Velvet pieces like a strappy sandal or cut-out dress feel elegant and sultry. And the unexpected texture of velvet on a simple tee or sneaker give a luxe twist to well-loved basics. 

What do you think? Will you incorporate a pop of velvet to your fall wardrobe?

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P.S. I just ordered this.

Master Bath: Current Space + Inspiration

9:00:00 AM

We've been in our new house for a couple months now. All our stuff is unpacked and put away. We've made a list of projects and furniture needs. We've spent some time each weekend chipping away at yard goals. We are still figuring out what some of the light switches do. We've had a couple dinner parties & bbqs to break this baby in.

More and more, the house is really starting to feel like ours. To make it even more our own, we're going to start working on our first big update, which is the master bathroom!

Here's what we're currently working with:

Instantly Elevate Any Salad

2:18:00 PM

Salads have been on heavy rotation around here this summer. I always have greens on hand and I'll typically toss in whatever fresh veggies I have around. 

Lately, I've been switching it up by chopping up fresh herbs and adding them in with the greens. Any non-woody herb works (chives, tarragon, parsley, and so on). Since I always keep cilantro and basil in my kitchen, I pluck several leaves from each bunch, give them a quick chop, and throw them in. Sweet basil mixed with punchy cilantro adds a delicious brightness to every bite. 

This trick will liven up any salad, whether it's big veggie packed bowl or your go-to spinach + olive oil + lemon juice situation. And it's so darn easy.

PS How to chop any herb.

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